La Fiammante Pelato Peeled Tomatoes With Basil (400g) No Minimum Order – La Vita Pazza
Pelato Peeled Tomatoes With Basil (400g) - La Vita Pazza

Pelato Peeled Tomatoes With Basil La Fiammante (400g)

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Pelato Peeled Tomatoes With Basil La Fiammante (400g)

The genuine flavour and firm consistency of the freshly picked and immediately processed fruits make the La Fiammante Peeled Tomato unmistakable. We select the sun- richest Italian tomatoes  and the most fragrant fresh basil to guarantee your recipes the good taste of the past.


Skilfully peeled with delicacy thanks to cutting-edge technologies and preserved with the addition of a few leaves of fresh basil , with the same care as our grandmothers many years ago. La Fiammante Peeled Tomatoes with Basil are perfect for all recipes that require prolonged cooking, a particular fragrance, or for pizza.