Caputo Nuvola Flour (1kg) La Vita Pazza

Nuvola Flour Caputo (1kg)

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Nuvola Flour Caputo (1kg)

From the research and development of the Mulino Caputo comes ‘Nuvola’ a flour made of carefully selected 100% natural raw materials that ensure volume and softness of the dough thanks to the high fermentative capacity naturally present in the grains.

It is not a case that ‘Nuvola’ means ‘cloud’ in Italian, and Caputo picked this name to better describe the ability of this flour to make a light dough with large hollow bubbles. 

Nuvola, as well as all Caputo’s flours, does not contain additives or preservatives.

If you like your pizza to be as light as a ‘nuvola’ this is definitely the flour for you.