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Verdure Pasta Sauce Barilla 400g Barilla

Verdure Pasta Sauce Barilla 400g

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Verdure Pasta Sauce Barilla 400g

Barilla - Good for you, good for the planet. Experience genuine Italian taste with Vedure pasta sauce from Barilla: Made from 100 Percent Italian tomatoes, grilled vegetables, tasty onion and a dash of oregano, this sauce has a true Mediterranean taste. With the Vedure sauce, Barilla offers you a classic and genuine pasta sauce that was traditionally made. In addition, the unique sauce is gluten-free, vegan and contains no added preservatives. Pair with perfectly al dente Barilla Fusilli pasta to create a dish your family and guests will adore. Or why not try with fish and capers.

Ingredients: Tomato Pulp 45%, Courgettes 19%, Aubergines 13%, Carrots, Tomato Concentrate 5%, Sunflower Seed Oil, Water, Yellow Peppers 2.7%, Sugar, Salt, Onion, Celery